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My name is Sandra, the owner of Azurea Studio.
Born in United States and raised in Portugal. I grew up sharing both countries in my heart, surrounded by the contrasting beauties of nature and historical architecture.
I have been creating and designing my entire life.
At a early age, I always experienced inspiration through art and crafts.
In my teenager years I would make my own clothes, bags, jewelry, paint portraits and landscapes. All my note books were filled with doodle art and sketches of my exciting next project. Frequently my friends would ask me to make accessories for them and I loved the challenge!
I am endlessly inspired by the world around me; vibrant, saturated colors, natural materials, fluid forms, jagged textures, animals and people.
In my professional career, I have practiced oil and watercolor painting and textile design.
Creating provides me with instant gratification and a sense of creative freedom.
I work from a small studio in New Jersey with the help of family members.
My accessories collection has a special touch of vintage and art flair inspiration.
Recently I am in love with Cork Fabric. Cork is a natural bark tree product, durable and washable.
We hope to continue growing our line of accessories as we have new ideas for accessories coming soon.
Thank you so much for your support and for passing by our store!
Sandra :)
Azurea Studio

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